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Data Visualizations

Dataviz library

  • Pandas-Profiling
  • Sweetviz
  • Autoviz
  • D-Tale

Subplot syntax

To plot 3 x 2 plots

variables = ["Age", "Education", "Usage", "Fitness", "Income", "Miles"]
fig, axes = plt.subplots(2, 3, figsize=(20, 12))
for i in range(2):
for j in range(3):
variable = variables[i * 3 + j]
sns.boxplot(ax=axes[i, j], data=df, x="Product", y=variable, hue="Gender")
axes[i, j].set_title(f"Gender wise {variable} vs Product");

Subplots using single line

data.plot(kind='density', subplots=True, layout=(3, 3), sharex=False)
To generate box plot with solid background color
colors = dict(boxes='lightblue', whiskers='dimgrey', medians='dimgrey', caps='dimgrey')
df.plot(kind='box', subplots=True, layout=(3, 4), sharex=False, figsize=(12, 15), patch_artist=True, color=colors);
plt.suptitle("Outliers", y=0.92, fontsize=14);

Add a Pie chart inside the subplot

unique_users["Gender"].value_counts(normalize=True )[:10].plot(kind="pie", autopct='%1.1f%%', startangle=90, ax=axes[1,0])
axes[1,0].set_title("Gender Distribution");

Load top n values in seaborn countplot

sns.countplot(x="Product_Category", data=df,